Leveraging on artificial intelligence (AI) to design quantitative investment analysis models and master stock market intelligence
- The AI system assists in identifying stocks which are mispriced and captures arbitrage opportunities for high frequency spread trading. These strategies are not affected by stock market condition, thus eliminating human error, increasing the probability of profitable transactions and enhancing stability of portfolio returns.

Assisting in exploring information and indicators from wide range of angles which help to capture more trading opportunities
- A quantitative analytical model is used to analyze huge amounts of data on stock prices and trading volume etc. and macro information. The model can efficiently quantify the data into various indicators to establish an investment model which can quickly adjust dynamically according to market conditions.

Improving efficiency and reducing trading costs
- Through vigorous screening and analysis of a large amount of stock data, the AI system can improve the capability to identify portfolio risk, to reduce the operational risk, and to make the portfolio management more refined.